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Thinking about Abstraction 
39+ Art Space, Singapore
18 August to 01 October 2023

Thinking About Abstraction is a 2-part exhibition featuring contemporary Singaporean artists curated by Dr Charles Merewether, former Director of the Biennale of Sydney (2004-2006) and Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapore (2010-2013).

The exhibition has been developed out of a recognition that there continues to be a vibrant and broadly-based tradition of abstraction in Singapore. This exhibition is presented in two parts, representing three generations of Singaporean artists actively practicing today.

The 9 artists are:
Milenko Prvacki, Ian Woo, Adeline Kueh, Hazel Lim, Cheong Kah Kit, Jeremy Sharma, Wei Leng Tay, Ashley Yeo, and Aki Hassan

This is an opportunity offered for viewers to see the ongoing vitality of abstraction across generations in Singapore. The broad range of Singaporean artists included shows the quality and shifting focus on forms of abstraction, from painting, work on paper to work with textiles and sculpture.

For further reading of the accompanying exhibition essay by Dr. Charles Merewether, In The Mind's Eye - Thinking About Abstraction, click here.

The exhibition will be on view until 1 October 2023 at 39+ Art Space.

Exhibition view

(From Left) A Sweep of Gray (2021), A Slash of Blue (2021), Kisses by the Milky Way (2022), Notations (2022)

Exhibition view1

(From Left) A Sweep of Gray (2021), A Slash of Blue (2021), Kisses by the Milky Way (2022), Notations (2022)

A sweep of Gray, a Slash of Blue

(left) A Sweep of Gray (2021), A Slash of Blue (2021)

53 x 53 x 5 cm, Paper and Acrylic


Notations (2022), Dimensions variable, Tape on paper

Kisses by the milky way

Kisses by the Milky Way (2022), 30 x 250 cm, Paper

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