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100% Linen Exhibition
Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, 2013

Co-curated by artists Betty Susiarjo and Adeline Kueh, 100% Linen is an exhibition (at Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore) that hopes to examine all things linen. The myriad of possibilities are explored by a group of artists working with differing mediums: from the flax plant to line, an English word derived from the use of a linen thread to determine a straight line; from linen fabric and surface for paintings to linseed oil. 100% Linen allows for the unpacking of the notion of what constitutes the purity of the subject matter.

For this exhibition, I was focused on keeping true to the title of this show and to use 100% linen materials, so the fabric and the thread used in this body of work are all linen. Using a range of techniques to manipulate the fabric and the thread, I am interested to create folds and weaves, and allowing the threads to produce textures and surfaces as if they are marks and drawings on a paper. 

Pastures 2 - 2013.jpg
Pastures 4 - 2013.jpg
Pastures 3 - 2013.jpg
Pastures 6 - 2013.jpg
Pastures 7 - 2013.jpg
Pastures 9 - 2013.jpg
Pastures 5 - 2013.jpg
Pastures 8 - 2013.jpg
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