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Substation (2009)
ICAN Gallery, Yogyakarta (2018)

Manifolds is a project done over several years starting from 2009 till today. The works had been shown in several locations such as the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore (ICAS), Substation Singapore and Institute of Contemporary Arts Network Yogyakarta (Indonesia).
The project evolved from an interest in origami patterns and to permutate them to create different forms and objects by interlocking each of the origami modules. Using transparent and semi-transparent paper of varying shades of white, black, silver, gold and dark blue,  I join each modular origami part to form large scale malleable pieces of sculpture that uses the properties of the coloured paper to diffuse and reflect the light and shadows in the space. The joining of the origami pieces  is a type of weave, where individual parts come together to form something larger and more powerful in scale and form.
This is reminiscent of my observation of women’s work (my aunts and mother specifically) of quilting or crocheting, where smaller parts of fabric, yarn or paper are fashioned together through care, dedication and time, to create larger and functional pieces that are used in and around the house as ornamentation and protection.


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