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A Botanical and Wildlife Survey
Singapore Biennale 2013/2014 (If the World Change)
Peranakan Museum, Singapore

A Botanical and Wildlife Survey, and the video accompaniment Various Foliage reflects on the theme of the Biennale – If the World Change, and is a speculative imagining of lost landscapes and nature in Singapore. The ‘artefacts’ of porcelain plates with blue inked flora and fauna are observed and drawn by a group of 120 school students, and placed in a collection that evokes the idea of archaeological findings of an imagined future. Adding a lyrical narrative to the artefacts through a collation of forest sounds, sights and colours, Various Foliage is a homage to the natural landscapes that still exist today as much as it is a cautionary tale of what might be lost forever.

Click here for essay written by Dr. Peter Hill about the Singapore Biennale 2013

hazel biennale 205.jpg
hazel biennale 346.jpg
hazel biennale 174.jpg
Sungei Buloh.jpg
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hazel biennale 319.jpg
hazel biennale 72.jpg
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