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Colours Indicted
Praxis and Project spaces, Japan Creative Centre

Colours Indicted is an enquiry about Frames and Colours. In this project, I wanted to establish an alternative ‘ordering’ of colours and its symbols and codes, and to invent a basis on which they are to be categorised. At the same time, this is also an enquiry on the word 'framing' - what frames represent and why the dismantling of the frame plays a vital role within this study of the falsification of order, structure and narrative. 

Frames play 2 parts here, One as a physical containment of information within a boundary or structure - which relates to the way we view things (framework) and thus the origami book acts as a kind of frame, to encapsulate information that is created for the colours and elements that made the colours. The second is metaphorical - to frame colours as being tainted, as being associated with meanings they are unable to undo or detach from. 

With these in mind, Colours Indicted is an exercise in dismantling the meanings associated with colours and to use alchemy, text, paper foldings and structures to do so. It resulted in a installation work which includes hand folded miniature origami books within a Periodic Table structure. 

I first created a series of poems based on a 4 lines x 8 syllables structure for each element found in the periodic table. In the E le men tal In ter ludes, each element comprises of 4 books (4-line poem) and when one open the book, each syllable occupies every page of the 8 page origami book. 
The placement of the syllable in each page is intentional, that is, to create a fragmented way to read the text, thereby creating a gap in reading and comprehending the poem. 

In the Colour Chart, the text found within the origami books is even more fragmented, as they are a combination and mixture of text found in the elements that made the text. You may refer to the pages on E le men tal In ter ludes and Colour Chart to read them. 

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