Looming isles - Public interactive art work at National Gallery Singapore opening (2015)

Looming isles is an outdoor interactive artwork that was commissioned by National Gallery Singapore for its opening weekend event in Nov 2015. The work deals with ideas specific to notions of labour, crafting, making and public engagement.  As a set of 9 large scale tables, the work requires community engagement and visitors during the opening carnival event to participate in order to realise and complete the final image - which is likened to a drawing completed with 3D materials .

On the surface of each table, nails of various lengths are strategically installed. These nails act as grids for a variety of materials to be coiled or weaved around.  The materials provided are varied, such as yarn, ribbons and thin wire in assorted colours and thickness, cable ties, elastic bands. It also included more textural materials such as cotton balls, paper clips that can give a sense of 3-dimensionality to the work.

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