Hazel Lim

Hazel Lim is a visual artist with a Masters degree in Fine Arts at Lasalle College of the Arts and a Bachelor degree in Sociology and Statistics from National University Singapore (NUS). Trained in painting, she frequently also employs text, craft techniques and visual strategies such as drawing, painting, or installation to express her interests in the production of narratives, notions of displacement, construction of histories and imaginary landscapes.


Besides being an artist and leading the BA(Hons) programme in the McNally School of Fine Arts. Lasalle College of the Arts, she has experiences in other aspects of art such as gallery management and contributing to artistic publications. She had taken part in exhibitions showcased in Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Ireland and Vietnam and had participated in international artists exchange programs such as the ASEF Creative Camp 2003 in Paris, Artists’ Workshop in Vietnam, 2005, Documenta: International Workshop for Art Academies in Germany during 2007 and Connected:09 at Pollau, Austria in 2009. Hazel is one of the artists commissioned for the Singapore Biennale 2013/2014 and showed her work entitled A Botanical and Wildlife Survey at the Singapore Peranakan Museum.

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